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Our father, John Charles Whitehead, was born to Isaiah and Charlotte Whitehead in The Pas, Manitoba, in 1924. He was a World War II veteran, landing on Juno Beach during the Normandy Invasion. He had just turned 20. Many of his unit did not make that day. He went on and was injured in Falaise, France.

He survived the war and went on to meet our mother, Jessie Budd, originally from Cumberland House. Her parents, Abraham and Mary, died when she was a teenager, leaving her to help raise her two younger brothers. Our parents met and married in 1951 and a year later their firstborn, Frank, was born. Our parents went on to have a big family. They raised 13 children and lost one daughter at the tender age of 18 months. Their love for family kept them going, contributing to the lives of all their children.

Our mother was hospitable and served many meals to weary travellers, strangers and children in our home. Our father was a man who influenced us all to contribute to the community in one way or another. His worldview was a catalyst to us all, allowing us to live vicariously through the stories of far away places. This piqued our interest in politics and public service.

Both our parents poured their love and energy into raising us. All they ever wanted was a family – a big family. Growing up on Opaskwayak Cree Nation, adjacent to The Pas, was difficult at times, knowing we were just a handful of Whiteheads. We are now most likely the largest family on Opaskwayak Cree Nation. We have over 110 members in our family, just by the marriage of our parents.

We want to serve and be hospitable in the same way they exemplified their lives before us, honouring their memory.

Welcome to John & Jessie’s Steak and Ribs. Thank you for joining us!

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The Whitehead Budd Family in 2012


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We are deeply honoured, very grateful and proud to have been selected as the recipient of the Appreciation Challenge, an initiative of the Manitoba Conservation Officers Association, as an acknowledgment of the sacrifices and perseverance our business had been facing due to the challenges created by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


We are thankful to announce that we are re-opening on Saturday January 30, 2021 for take-out and pick-up orders. Our business hours are Tuesdays to Sundays from 4pm to 9 pm.


We want to make use of this opportunity to thank everybody who has continued to support us for your loyalty and faith in us – without which none of the above would have been possible.

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